Praise the Lord!
We're still here and still kicking thanks to all of you sons and daughters of the Most High who pray for and support this ministry.  Things are going well at this time and I just wanted to let you all know we haven't forgot about you all and we deeply appreciate your sacrificial giving to help ones such as us.  We pray that God blesses you abundantly.  It's been a busy summer and we never seem to get everything done that we would like, but isn't that the case with most everyone these days.  Some of the guys that have went through this program are doing really well and serving the Lord as He intended.  Others have cut their time short and went their own way and it did not turn out well.  We do our best to not get discouraged and remember that God has  called us to plant and water; to do what He has called us to do and rely on Him for the results; to remember that it is He and only He that can make anyone grow.  Praise the Lord for those whose lives have been changed!  Amen!  Again, all is well, we are so blessed to be able to do ministry and just want to make sure you know that we are so thankful that you help us to do so.  We want to thank everyone that makes this ministry possible.  We greatly appreciate the generosity, the love and most importantly the prayers that people give for this ministry.  

God is using this place to change the lives of the men here and their families as well.  He is so AWESOME!  Please pray that the men that God brings here will persevere and stick it out.  

Don and Anthony continue to go to the Johnson County jail each Monday and Saturday evening.  They usually have 3 different groups each evening.  It's a blessing to see men that have attended these meetings continue in their walk with the Lord and come to Saul to Paul to study the Bible, and learn to apply it to their lives.  

Again, we want to thank all of you and all the churches that pray for us and support us here.  May God continue to bless you.  
                                         Brother Don

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