Testimony by Anthony:
My name is Anthony; I’m 30 years old and from Carlisle, Indiana. I’ve been at Saul to Paul for 4 months now. My life before coming here consisted of trying to fill an emptiness inside of me. To me, drugs and alcohol were the answer. Eventually my addiction took me down a path that I would never wish on anyone. It got to a point where I was willing to rob, steal, or hurt anyone to get my drug of choice. I remember reflecting on my life one night and I truly realized the severity of my addiction and how out of control that it had gotten. Prior to that night I had never had a relationship with Jesus, nor did I seek Him. There was a time I didn’t believe in Him. This night was different; I could feel something or someone tugging at my heart. That turned out to be Jesus. That night I accepted him into my life. I knew after that night my life needed to be different. So, with the help of a dear friend, I was brought to Saul to Paul. At first, I was hesitant. I remember thinking, I’ve been in the jails, rehabs and institutions, how in the world would that place change me? My question was quickly answered. It wasn’t the place that would change me, it would be the power of Jesus Christ, and developing a relationship with Him and submitting to His will for my life, that’s what would change me! With the help from brother Don and ultimately the Holy Spirit, my life is completely different. I now have a strong desire to spread the gospel and to lead others to Christ. I want others to know the goodness of God and the love that He has for us. He gave His life so that we could have life. Isn’t that beautiful? Praise the Lord!