Tyler's Testimony
From a very young age I have made wrong choices.  Since the age of 14, I have been addicted to crack and rebelled against authority which led to a life of hardships, jail cells, pain and destruction.  I was living for myself and I ended up hurting everyone who tried to get in my way.  I would completely destroy my life and give everything away for drugs and pleasure.  I would get out of jail or rehab and end up doing the same things I've always done.  I just felt empty inside.  I thought having a family would settle me down and give me a purpose.  Surely two beautiful children of my own would be enough to stop my self-destructive life style.  It seemed that nothing was enough to stop me!  Counselors told me the wrong stuff and just wanted to medicate me even more.  My girlfriend tried to leave me which made me mad and got me in trouble with the law.  I woke up in jail with 6 more felony charges and now I was madder than ever!  I couldn't even get along with the other inmates and got thrown into segregation.  Just me alone, a bar of soap and a Bible.  I prayed to God for help.  I got out of segregation and was allowed to go to a church service in the jail.  That's where I heard the truth for the first time through Don Sink at Johnson County Jail.  He told me that everything was my fault, and that I loved myself so much that I was selfish and didn't even truly know how to love others.  He told me that my actions showed who I really was, and that my heart was messed up, and you know what---it hurt!.  Then he began to tell me how he was just like me and that if I truly wanted change, he would help me at no cost- except the cost of submitting to his rules.  I came to the barn that he'd told me about and I even came with the wrong motives; I just wanted my family back.  Then he gave me a Bible and told me to sit down, be quiet and read it, remember what it says and then do what it says to do.  He said to apply it to my life and apply to how I treat others.  It has been uncomfortable, hard and different-but I am changing!  Jesus is changing my life!  I'm not angry anymore, I don't wake up and need drugs and I don't have a sense of entitlement.  I am thankful and I actually care about others now.  Jesus died for my sins and has forgiven me!  I  know my old ways are wrong and I now recognize them.  My attitude is different and I think and meditate on Jesus and His Word now instead of worrying so much. I pray. I thank God for Saul to Paul;  it has had an impact on my life.  I'm  changed, and I have peace.   I have a purpose:  to help others with what I now have ---Jesus!!!   I have less material things than I've ever had in my life, but I have more with Christ, and I know that He will work all the bad I've done into good somehow.