own would be enough to stop my self-destructive life style.  It seemed that nothing 
Testimony by Gunnar:
Shortly before I came to Saul to Paul, I was in jail once again, completely broken and defeated by life. I knew I needed something. After trying hard so many times to do good and failing every time, I cried out to God and asked Him for help. I realized I could not do it by myself.
Brother Don and Brother Anthony go to the Johnson County Jail on Saturdays and Mondays to preach. I started attending their services and reading the Bible in jail. God spoke to me through them and His word, He worked out my court situation, and put it on my heart to go to Saul to Paul. I arrived at Saul to Paul in late February. Since being here, I’ve learned the meaning and purpose of life-that is Jesus Christ! I learned what the root of my problem is, and why I could not carry out life apart from Jesus. I have found peace and joy and have formed a strong relationship with Jesus. I’ve learned how to deny myself and to be obedient. I’ve learned how important it is to read God’s word and to put Him first. I praise the Lord for this opportunity He has given me, to learn and study His word and for bringing me here. He has given me new life! The reason for life is Jesus; the purpose is to lead others to Him. Life without Him is no life at all. In Matthew 10:39 Jesus Says, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” I believe that with all my heart.